3 Great Ways to Smarten Up Your Office

September 5th, 2016

The office arrangements have changed dramatically over the last decade, especially since the average worker can either work in their homes or in a physical work facility many miles away. Also, as the culture changes in many work environments, this new mobile generation is taking on a new face. In both settings, there is a need for a space that promotes efficient productivity, while also allowing the workers to be more creative in developing innovative ideas. Regardless to the workers’ office environment, many are tasked with smartening up their offices so that everyone can get more work accomplished on a regular basis. That being said, here are a few basic ideas on how to design and office that is customised for the individual.

De-clutter the Office

Before getting started, one of the first things that should be done is decluttering the office space. Since it is not difficult to accumulate a lot of extra items in the office that people do not always need, one significant part of the smartening up process is getting rid of anything that produces clutters. From throwing out paper files that a worker will never use again to getting rid of unnecessary office furniture that should be stored away, sometimes there is a lot that can be done to declutter the office. If the accumulation comes from many years, the office worker may need a storage space available onsite or offsite. This decision is normally based on how much open space is available onsite that is not being used and how much financing will be needed to rent a storage place. Therefore, these decisions are on a case by case basis. For instance, some people still have old office desk and office chairs in the office that should been removed when new furniture were purchased. So, these items should be some of the first things that should be addressed before going forward with this kind of project.

Purchase Ergonomic Furniture

Today’s professionals are not only required to work smarter, they are also tasked with working long hours for longer periods at a time. Therefore, the need for the right kinds of furniture is not a luxury for many, but a necessity for working in a productive and healthy environment. Since the type of furniture can make a big difference in sitting with or without back pain, suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, and the like, people should pay close attention to what type of furniture is placed in their office spaces. In specific, when ordering any type of new furniture for the office (i.e. chair, desks, computers, etc.), it is important that each item meets certain set ergonomic specifications. By adhering to these requirements and guidelines, people can work the longer hours without experiencing unnecessary pain or other issues in their physical bodies.

Create Small and Large Smart Storage Spaces for Intelligent Designs

Once the office has been de-cluttered and furnished with ergonomic furniture, the next step in creating a smart office is making sure everything in the office has a place that it can be stored. From the smallest paper clips and staples to files that can be stored in a file cabinet, this involves identifying everything that the office worker needs to be productive. For instance, some workers may need an Intelligent Storage Arrangement. An intelligent storage arrangement can be described as a good, organised storage system. These systems are not created equal, specifically since everyone’s working environment is not the same. So, the concept used in this type of design is to create a space that encourages both proper and regular use.

Focus on Setting the Right Lighting

Working in the dark is not smart so lighting must be addressed to. For instance, when the lighting is dim, employees will normally strain their eyes to read and perform all kinds of different office activities. To avoid and correct these issues, it is best to add extra lighting in different places. From purchasing more office lamps to letting in more natural lighting from the sun at specific parts of the day, there are many different ways to address these issues.

Smartening up and office space requires quite a few things to be done. From setting the tone with the right type of natural and artificial lighting to purchasing ergonomic furniture, there is quite a bit that can be done to smarten up an office space today. Therefore, for those of you who are interested in enhancing your office, you can get started by de-cluttering your office space, purchasing ergonomic furniture, creating additional space using intelligent designs and focusing on using the right type of lighting (both artificial and natural lighting solutions).