Choosing the Best Type of Filing Cabinet For The Office

March 15th, 2017

Choosing the best type of filing cabinet for your place of work is not a luxury, but a necessity. Even though filing cabinets help to liven up the office and enhance its overall décor, they’ve also been designed to assist with keeping the office tidy and organised.

Therefore, whenever an individual or an organisation is looking for new storage to accommodate the office, it is always best to consider the range of filing cabinets that there is to offer in the market today, such as the Silverline Filing Cabinet, in order to choose the perfect storage solution.

That being said, here are some of the different types of filing cabinets that people can make their selections from.

Choosing The Best Filing Cabinet For The Office

1. L & P Filing Cabinets Economy

While there are jumbo filing cabinets on the market which are equipped in handling large volumes of paperwork, there are also other kinds of filing cabinets that have been designed to meet conservative needs. Meaning an individual or a small organisation may only need a little storage space to accommodate their specific needs.

Fortunately, the models that have been manufactured address these situations too. One in specific is the L & P Filing Cabinets Economy model. This model comes with 2 keys for the user, and is fully assembled when it is picked up or sent to a specified location.

As well as that, the user can also choose between different drawer units, including the 4 drawer unit, 3 drawer unit and the 2 drawer unit, each in a different diameter depending on the available space in the office or home.

2. Phoenix 4 Drawer Fire Proof  Filing Cabinet

When an individual or an organisation purchases a filing cabinet or a set of filing cabinets, they are often trying to fill a need or a requirement that they are subject to. In some cases, the filing cabinets that they choose may need to meet a specific standard like a regulatory requirement that must be adhered to. In fact, many medical offices are required to store their files in a safe and secure environment that will not be compromised by the potential of fire destruction of records.

Whatever the case, this is where the Phoenix 4 Drawer Fire Proof Cabinet Electronic comes in. With this small unit, all types of critical documentation can be stored so that no one can access it without the proper authorisation. Also, in the event that there is a fire in a business facility or a home, this fireproof cabinet can prevent fire from destroying the documentation.

3. Silverline A3 Jumbo Filing Cabinet

The Silverline A3 Jumbo Filing Cabinet is ideal for commercial usage as well as for businesses that want a secure filing system. This jumbo filing system has been designed specifically for A3 paper formats. In fact, many businesses and individuals alike use this model for a number of different reasons including, archiving computer data.

Typically, people choose the a3 filing cabinet when they have limited floor space, but need the additional storage for their activities. These cabinets have been designed with 5 drawers, and approximately 2.6 linear meters of filing storage.

4. Mobile Cupboard Storage Cabinets

Choosing the right kind of filing cabinets for an office in a home or a commercial setting may not always be as simple as most may think. Because there are so many different filing cabinet options available, choosing the best involves assessing a specific needs or needs prior to making a final selection.

In some situations, one small economy cabinet may be all the person needs or wants in the space that they have available. On the other hand, a business owner may need a complete filing solution that will not only make the office’s operation more efficient, but can be moved from location to another whenever required.

This is why the Mobile Cupboard Storage Cabinets are often selected for those who have this need. These cabinets are lockable, made of durable steel and comes with a key to prevent unauthorised access.

5. Maple Cupboard and Glass Door Bookcase Filing Cabinets

The Maple Cupboard and Glass Door Bookcase Filing Cabinets have been designed with functionality in mind. Meaning these filing cabinets can be used for a number of different purposes and reasons. Specifically, for those who may have limited space in the setting that they want to place their filing system in, they are a perfect fit.

This style of cabinet can be used as a functional part of any room, since it looks just like a traditional furniture piece, such as a bookcase. With a glass door, the user can store the books that they need, while it also serves as a filing system for all of the documentation that they want to store.

Therefore, for someone who wants to store their important documents seamlessly without attracting unnecessary attention to a filing cabinet, it’s an excellent choice

6. Silverline Midi Filing Cabinets

Based on the organisation and their needs, they may need more than one filing cabinet at a time. Instead, they may need a new storage solution that will assist them with keeping their files organised more efficiently and effectively.

Fortunately, there are Silverline filing cabinet solutions that can meet these needs so that the entire staff can work with ease. So, for these cases and situations, the business owner may find that their best fit is the Silverline midi filing cabinets. This style is ideal for providing a range of useful sizes so they come available in both foolscap and A4. To fit comfortably into any office or décor, the manufacturer gives the buyer 24 options to make their selections from.

Today, there are so many different types and styles of filing systems that people can take advantage of. Many of which have been designed with specific purposes in mind. From the smallest economy filing cabinet that stores a small volume of critical documents, to complete filing solution that stores large volumes of paperwork that meets an entire operations’ needs, there appears to be something that will suit everyones taste and preference.