What should you consider when designing an office?

September 1st, 2016

Things to Consider When Designing an Office

Designing your new office can get you thinking about a lot. Many owners want an office with a certain look, but they want to save money. It’s also vital to plan out your office in order to incorporate specific items so that the office encourages productivity. It can all seem like a bit much when you start to look into it, so we’ve broken it down for you. Here are the main things you want to consider when designing an office, and how to get them.

Cost Effective

Every business owner wants to save money. Whether you own a larger corporation or you’re just starting out, it never hurts to save a few dollars. Start by shopping for used office furniture instead of purchasing everything brand new. Thrift stores have great finds for accent pieces, and redecorating with used office furniture can be a lot of fun.


Specific office designs can help to increase productivity. Include natural light if at all possible. Windowless offices can be smothering, and can lead to employees that are significantly less happy. The less happy employees are, the less productive they typically are. Bright, happy colours can help to stimulate the mind as well. Organised offices also have more productive employees. Make sure that filing cabinets are available to organise papers and desks are plenty large enough. Used office furniture can help you create a productive office while staying within your budget.

Create a Breakroom

Breakrooms can be used as a lunchroom for employees, but there are many more benefits to creating a nice, colourful breakroom. Breakrooms with vibrant colours can help spark creativity and conversation among fellow employees. They can offer a great change of scenery for individuals to use for collaboration, giving them a much needed break from sitting in front of a computer screen. Instead of simply a lunch table, pick up a few couches and classic end tables to transform an old, dull break space into a posh area to discuss new ideas.


Recent studies have revealed that curves help the mind to instantly begin opening up on a subconscious level while helping more creative minded individuals to feel relaxed and happy, and therefore more productive. Ninety degree angles, on the other hand, help to stifle creativity as individuals begin to close up. When they close up, so does their flow of ideas. Add curved couches or tables to the break room to encourage conversation. Even curved accent pieces can help to create a relaxing element.

Designing an office can be a simple process that involves throwing some furniture here and there, or it can be a fun process that involves transforming a space into a fun, productive environment full of creativity and natural light. Save money by shopping used furniture to create a break room, help relax your employees, increase productivity and more in a cost effective manner. Your clients and employees will love the refreshing new work environment and you will enjoy the happier, more productive employees.