How to Find your Ideal Office Desk

October 17th, 2016

Once you have secured some space in your office, the next move is always to determine what kind of office desks you are going to purchase. Fortunately, most people are lost for choice when it comes to office desks, while some are not even aware of the wide range of choices available for them to try out. For this reason, these people end up settling on an office desk which they later on begin to hate.

Bearing in mind that you wouldn’t want to later on regret the office desk that you have brought, we’ve come up with a guide that will lead you into buying a desk that you will never stop being proud of purchasing. As such, here are some tips to finding the ideal office desks for one’s office:

Guide to Finding your Ideal Office Desk

Office space

The first determining factor to the kind of office desk that you dole out your money on, is the amount of space you have available. This is because you do not want to purchase office desks that will later on fail to fit in the amount of space which you have available. For that reason, here are some desks you could try out:

1. Writing desk
When constrained by space, a writing desk is a great option to try out. Writing desks are usually open desks that provide minimal storage for your office stuff, but have a large desktop. Whether you want a desk along the wall or in the center of the room, a writing desk fits both criteria. However, the desk’s surface is better off being used as the surface to a laptop rather than a desktop. In addition, writing desks shouldn’t just be limited to offices that have little space, because they can also be used in offices with space to spare.

2. Computer desk
This particular office desk is an improved writing desk since it not only affords one the luxury of the storage space of a writing desk, but there is also enough space for a monitor and a computer tower together with the cables and peripherals. It is therefore a simple desk, but is also one that ensures that you have enough space for hardware components.

3. Corner desks
Another great option, when you only have limited space in the office, is the corner desk. These desks are usually the go-to desks when it comes to space problems, especially because they have elaborate configurations that provide a large surface area and extra leg room too. Furthermore, they afford you with different options of how you can set them up. You can choose to set these desks up in an L-shaped spread, but it all depends on the size you may be going for. Where one is constrained by space, they still afford you the luxury of more desktop space.


Another factor to consider when shopping for office desks is the material to the office desks. Here is a guide on how to go about that:

1. Wood
A wooden top is the most common surface that the majority of people go for. Not only are wooden top surfaces found on wooden desks, they can also top metal desks too.

2. Glass
If you’d prefer your desk to have a modern touch to it, then a glass surface is something you should take into consideration. Glass can be coupled with metallic or wooden surface desks. Another perk to glass surfaces is that they can be removed during cleaning, during maintenance or when moving. These surfaces can be shaped into various shapes and configurations. With glass surfaces, one is able to lighten up the piece of furniture as well as expand on visual space.

3. Metal
When you are looking for a surface that will be resistant to stains, then a metal surface is the one to go for. Metal surfaces are resistant to scuffs and stains while remaining cool. As well as this, metal surfaces are also a viable option when it comes to modern desk surfaces.

4. Laminate
Laminate material acts as a protective material on wooden surfaces and is usually made up of plastic-like material. It prevents desk stains from developing on wooden desks.


Durability of a desk is mostly dependent of the kind of material. Needless to say, wooden desks are the least durable. For that reason, if you are looking for a long-lasting desk, then shop for metallic desks and such. Also, if you keep on moving from place to place, it might be an idea to spend more on a durable desk because this way it will prevent the desk from getting damaged during the move.

An office desk speaks volumes about you and your workplace, so take into consideration all factors before just loading any office desk into a cart. You also don’t have to break your bank trying to purchase an expensive desk when there are many alternatives that will serve the purpose. As such, try out different stores before making your purchase to ensure you have selected your favourite one.

Always remember, the options that may work for some employees, may not particularly work for other employees.