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Why not Finance your office furniture!?!

When it comes to office furniture, businesses can get a little complacent about buying new when the old stuff will do. Even if the chair squeaks or the desk is a little bit wonky, replacing the furniture is a capital outlay the business can’t really afford, right?
Well, no. Like most types of equipment, you can get finance to allow you to get the furniture upfront, and have regular fixed-term payments to pay it off. With leasing, you can say goodbye to lump sums of capital expenditure, and hello to totally tax-efficient spread-out operational expenditure.
johnsonReedLogoWe have teamed up with Johnson Reed, an independent specialist in office furniture leasing,  to provide an industry leading solution to the financing of office furniture.

Johnson Reed has the ability to finance most of your office furniture requirements,  and makes no distinction between new starts and established businesses. Both will be given real consideration. A tax-efficient Johnson Reed lease can be available within hours and might cost less than you think.

In the current climate, Allard Office Furniture are keen to offer its clients a great alternative to traditional banks, which are still proving restrictive to businesses.

  • Big Benefits For Your Business
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Immediate use of the equipment
  • Simple to arrange
  • We are able to finance most of your office furniture requirements
  • A great alternative to traditional banks
  • Keep cash in your company
  • New start up companies are given real consideration

Account  Facilities

If you would like to find out about opening an account with us please call Emma on 01206 331 989 or email info@allardoffice.co.uk.