Metar Executive Desks

Metar Executive Desks, as all Bralco products, has been designed and produced in Italy, to guarantee the exclusive authenticity which characterises “Made in Italy Products” as unique and distinctive throughout the world.

The truly personal object is the object that expresses something about you.  This range of furniture can truly be the talking point of your office!  Using stunning designs and material.

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It’s that piece of furniture that you have always liked and that you love unconditionally because it seems designed specifically for your habits.

Every product in the Metar line is made to be inhabited.

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Its unmistakable mark makes the Metar line the perfect line for highlighting the status of a presidential environment. At the same time, the ergonomics of the forms takes care of those who work in the office, facilitating everyday movements.

Metar is conceived, designed and produced in Italy, in the form of an exclusive originality that has led to the success of Made in Italy furniture worldwide.

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The desk combines its refined aesthetics with several functions conceived to improve work ergonomics.
Our desk combines a pleasing aesthetic with a wide range of features, designed to achieve better ergonomics.  Such as the electrification, which makes the power available where needed. As in the case of interior décor which characterises the desk top, and leaves not only a mark of aesthetics but provides RJ, telephone and data transmission connections.‎

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Filing & Storage

Metar matches a series of containers which allow to manage storage and which perfectly coordinate, for material and finish, to the desks and meeting tables.  These objects are designed in the smallest detail to handle any storage need.

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They are interior complements that are consistent, in their materials and finishes, with the other elements of the series.


Metar is not an aloof elegance, rather, it is specifically designed to welcome those who gather together in a meeting and make moments of sharing feel natural.

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The shapes promote functionality and the available configurations favour the possibility to choose the ideal table for any meeting room.

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We offer free delivery and full installation on all Bralco Office Furniture products including the full Metar range throughout London and Essex.  nationwide delivery and installation also available on request.

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