Office Styles: Modern vs Classic

August 3rd, 2016

When it comes to the modern office environment we all have own ideas of what that is and what that encapsulates but in essence what is a modern office?  What furniture counts as contemporary and what furniture is classed as classically themed office furniture?  We have helped hundreds of business in Essex with used second hand furniture and of course new office furniture through the years and we have seen offices in Essex go for a totally contemporary look and also have seen businesses go for a more classical theme for their work space.  In a lot of ways it all comes down to taste and preference when choosing your office furniture and styling but practicality should also be at the forefront of your mind.

What is a modern office?

Modern and contemporary tends to be a more smooth and sleek type of furniture that is often made from glass.  This type of look is designed to be futuristic and is often kept minimal to give everything a very minimalist and tidy feel.  The colour theme for these offices tend to be very light.

What is a classic office?

A classic office is more traditional in the way that it is designed and the way that it looks. Furniture in these offices tends to be made from wood such as pine, oak and timber. These offices are usually colour themed to match the wood furniture so you can expect these offices to be a study in browns and creams.

How to choose what office is right for you?

Choosing what type of office you are going to be going for is largely dependent on your own tastes and preferences.   Some people prefer the more modern and contemporary office look whilst others prefer the more homely old fashioned styling’s that a classic office can give you. A lot can depend on where you are planning on building your office. A home office for example may be a fantastic chance to have a real classic office feel that is more in line with the rest of your home whilst if you are opening an office that is going to be housing several staff and work stations it may be more practical to use the more minimalist and functional furniture as its going to be in heavy use

A lot of the decisions will of course come down to personal preference. However keeping in mind how much your office will be in use is vital when deciding on what office furniture you wish to use.   If your office isn’t going to be in use that often you can of course go totally for style over substance. This means you can pick the best looking desk, office chair and other assorted office furniture. However if you are looking to use your office for 9 hours a day then it makes sense to go for comfort over the style. There is no point having a really cool, funky chair if it is uncomfortable for you to sit in for long periods.