Our helpful, experienced staff will design a comfortable, efficient workspace that will fulfill all of your requirements and transform your empty space into an office you can be proud of.

Whether moving to new offices, refurbishing an existing building or just simply replacing the existing furniture, effective space planning is the answer, your overall goal should be to create a functional, effective & pleasant working environment

It is a fact that a well designed office will lead to increase productivity and efficiency, it will also create a pleasant & fulfilling working environment.

To create the desired environment it is best to work with you space planner at an early stage in the project and ensure all persons involved discuss all the requirements and needs from the outset.  After a well constructed plan has been created the project will progress smoothly from then on.

From the very start of the project & the first meeting it is vital to think about how the space needs to function.

  • Firstly will the space be for internal staff only of will it be on show to clients
  • What look are you aiming for – traditional, contemporary, formal,
  • What kind of electrical items need to be housed – pc’s, faxes, servers, copiers etc,
  • Is there need for separation between area
  • Meeting areas for how many
  • How much privacy between desks s needed
  • How much desk space is suitable for each user

The list can go on, the more information that is gained at the outset it will help everyone involved gain a clear idea as to what is required and give the planner a clear idea as to what products are best suited to your requirements.

The planner will then design a number of rough plans and advise on products which will meet the desired criteria.  The client will then have a better idea as to the available space and any restrictions that could occur, the planner and client will then discuss any changes the client may want in order to create the ideal office space in order for the planner to design the finished solution.  The planner than then present their plans in 2D & 3D formats, computer generated walk through can also be generated to give a clear idea of the final office.

The next stage is once the final plan has been accepted; we can now pay attention to the required products.  The agreed floor plan with show the desk sizes & positioning of storage units.  This is the stage where it is best to plan the electrical installation, as you know where each person will be positioned.  If the electrical planning is decided before this stage you may run into issues with cables as the positioning of desks is not what was originally planned.  It is always important to consider the position of power & data cables as it will determine which form of cable management is required.

1) Email us a rough sketch of your office, including all wall measurements, doors, windows, beams, plug sockets.  We will then plan the space for you and send you at least 2 possible plans within 48 hours.
Email – info@allardoffice.co.uk

2) We can visit you on site (depending on area), where we will bring along relevant brochures and samples so we can discuss your requirements in more depth.  We will then design the space to your specifications.

For further details on this service please call