INTRO Task Chair
Optional Extra’s

£15.00£40.00 + VAT

INTRO Task Chair
Optional Extra’s

£15.00£40.00 + VAT

Optional Extras to Suit All MDK Seating Intro Ergonomic Task Chair.

Add your chair first then come back and add your extra’s

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INTRO Task Chair Optional Extra’s

INTRO Task Chair Optional Extra’s, can be factory fitted to any of the INTRO Ergonomic Task Chairs, once you have added your chair to the basket, add any of the optional extra’s to customise your chair.  You can add 1 or all.

Optional Extra’s in Detail

Headrest – An adjustable headrest relieves stress & strains within the neck muscles, when the user is in reclined positions.

Inflatable Thoracic Support – Increases the contact area of the upper spine by filling in the space between the shoulder blades, helping to prevent slouching and reduce pain/ discomfort in the shoulder and neck area.

Inflatable Lumber Support – Increases the contact area of the lower back, giving additional support to the lumber area and supporting the natural curvature of the spine whilst preventing fatigue and lower back pain.

Coccyx Zone – A cut out/ soft pocket located at the back of the cushion which provides a discrete solution to coccyx pain and provides pressure relief to the tail bone area caused by trauma or scarring.

Air-Flo Seat Cell – A Dual Chamber air cell below the seat surface offers a ‘reactive sit’ whilst providing cushioning to the sit cones, helping to improve core strength and reduce sciatic pain.

Performance Seat Foam – Pressure sensitive to mould to the users seated position, enhancing comfort and support throughout the working day.

Seat Slide – Allows the user to increase the seat depth in order to optimise comfort and support and reduce the amount of pressure transferred to the legs.

Polished Base – As well as increasing the aesthetic appeal of the Intro range, a polished base is also recommended for seating users who are in excess of 115kg.

Free Nationwide Delivery – these optional extra’s can only be added to MDK Office Seating INTRO Range of Ergonomic task chairs.

Add optional extra’s once required chair has been added to your basket.

INTRO Task Chair Optional Extra's