Here at Allard office furniture we have had years of experience in dealing with second-hand office furniture and obviously love the thought everybody sitting down working at our desks. However we wanted to take time to write an article to inform people about the importance of insuring you also spent a proportion of the day standing.

Did you know that it is a health issue to spend the entire day sat in your comfy office chair? Research has proven that the more time an office worker spends sitting at their second hand desk the more likely they are to suffer from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and a Obesity which can will lead to an early death. One of the most recent and well documented studies was from Pennington biomedical Research Centre located in Los Angeles. The research centre followed 17000 Canadians throughout a 12 year period and found that for most of the day over 58% of them spent over 10 hours a day seated. The researchers then took these figures and diagnosed that 60% of those people were more likely to die from heart disease then the 42% that did not spend the entire day sitting. These new results have spawned the birth of a new disease which is called the Sitting disease. For those of you that go to the gym every morning and think you are safe you are not. Even regular gym usage and exercise does not protect you, as when you come into work you are still seated for eight hours.


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As the number one second hand office furniture provider it is our duty to inform you that you need to get more active at work. Did you know that by Simply getting up to get a glass of water or just moving your chair will burn 50 more calories than just sitting. It is important that you identify exercise opportunities throughout your work day. Instead of sitting at the desk or on the phone why not try standing up, this will not only improve your calorie burning routine but also boost your work performance.

Standing quite obviously put a lot more stress on the body than if you were sitting down, therefore it also obviously burns more calories. If you stand at work for the entire work day you will burn 10 times more calories than if you were sitting down, obviously we know that this is not always viable however I think you can see our point.

Instead of reaching for the coffee Cup why not consider taking a five minute walk around the office. Make sure every lunchtime you take full advantage of being able to move, why not grab a friend and go for a quick walk instead of hitting the fast food bars and restaurants.

Another great bit of advice from Essex’s number one second hand office furniture dealers is to use technology to help you. Why not set an alarm on your mobile phone to remind you to stand up take a walk or have a stretch. For those of you that aren’t allowed a mobile phone at work why not set the alarm on the computer, simply set it to go off every few hours which reminds you to get up and have a stretch.

Another great way of getting some exercise in your office day is to have a little clean up before you leave to go home. A little clean before you go home is a fantastic way to enforce movement of the body and also the benefit is you have a clean work environment ready for the next day. All of our staff that sell second-hand office furniture adopt this method and it works very very well.

As with all of these points one of the key ingredients to success get a friend to join you in these tasks. As with anything motivation is key so do whatever you need to to ensure you are no longer sat in your chair wasting away at work.

As the second hand office furniture leaders of Essex we do have a small responsibility to inform all of our clients who have offices and staff of this growing issue. We hope that this article has helped and we look forward to having more second hand office furniture clients who spend more of the day active than sitting! We always add new second hand office furniture to our website so keep checking back for the best deals and offers in Essex.