The Benefits of Buying Second Hand Used Office Furniture

August 1st, 2016

If it’s time to re-decorate your new office, or maybe decorate your first business, you may be trying to figure out a few ways to cut costs so you can afford the look you want. Used office furniture can give you the look you want at a price you can afford, and this is only one of many benefits that you will get to enjoy when you purchase second hand used office furniture!

What are the Benefits of Second Hand Used Office Furniture?

Low Cost

Obviously, used furniture is cheaper than brand new furniture. The plus side is that there is a lot of second hand used office furniture that still appears brand new. Maybe the office down the street and going through a renovation and would like to earn a few extra bucks from their old furniture, or maybe someone is simply getting rid of their home office furniture. Either way, you can wind up with new looking furniture at a great price.


With the money that you save, you’ll have a little left over if you would like to customise your office furniture. While you can customise brand new furniture too, most people simply buy what they want. Used furniture gives you a chance to put a personal touch in your office. Get your creative side flowing and cover chairs with beautiful fabric or paint beautiful scrollwork on your new desk.


The more used furniture people buy, the less that winds up in landfills. Nine out of ten of the largest landfills that are located in the United States will be full in less than ten more years. As we fill up landfills, we are forced to make more, resulting in our planet slowly filling up with trash. Help our planet stay healthier longer and lessen the carbon footprint that you leave behind by purchasing used furniture.

You Get It Faster

When you purchase new furniture, you may wind up waiting for weeks because the store doesn’t have it in stock or because you have to wait to have the furniture shipped to you. Instead, get your furniture the same day that you pick it out, or at least a lot quicker, when you go with second hand used office furniture.

How do we prepare our used office furniture

  • Check. All used office furniture is throughly checked to make sure all aspects of each item is in complete full working order, For example – All desks are checked for stability, all leg end caps & screw jack feet are in place, all desk drawers are running smoothly, any filing bars are complete – All Office Chairs are checked for rips tears, wear to the fabric and all mechanism are checked to be in full working order – all Filing Cabinets are checked for smooth running drawers and that all necessary filing bars and 1 key ordered.
  • Cleaned.  All items are throughly cleaned, the relevant chemicals are used where necessary to remove heavy marks or stains, office chairs are cleaned with a professional cleaning machine and anti-bacterial fabric cleaner.  All items will be delivered to your office in a clean useable state.
  • Refurbished. Some used office furniture is beyond a good clean but too good to just dump! When we get items like this we fully refurbish them, especially good quality used office chairs.  We deal with many well know manufacturers so getting spare parts for chairs is never a problem! Then an old chair someone was going to dump is as good as new ready for its new office.
  • So, how do you find the best deals in used office furniture?  Firstly visit the used office furniture section on our website or call 01206 331 989 or email
  • When buying used office furniture, keep in mind that you might need to add more desks etc in the future and the same styles might not be available! So consistency might not always be possible a year down the line.

Buying new furniture can be easier, but there are quite a few benefits of second hand used office furniture. You will love saving money and cutting business costs as you help the environment. Sometimes used furniture can encourage you to be a bit creative, which can be really fun. If you own a small business, this can be a great team building activity. If you’re looking to get some new furniture in your home or business right now, a used furniture store is definitely the way to go. No matter what your reason may be, you’ll get to enjoy all of these great benefits once you make the decision to purchase used furniture for your home or office.