Top 5 Cool Office Spaces in the World

July 28th, 2016

When it comes to cool offices, there are an abundance of them out there. From marketing companies seeking to inspire their staff to commerce companies creating an air of fun in the space their employees work. By adding ‘out there’ features to an office, the working space is transformed into a fun, playful area – an extension of the company ethos and values.

These spaces are not simply fun on the surface for the sake of being fun, they are sophisticated, designed to reflect brand essence and inspire new ways of thinking amongst their staff and visitors alike.

Google offices deservedly take their spot as number one on the list of world’s coolest offices, with spaces all over the world taking inspiration from their creative ethos. Since their New York office began in a Starbucks on the corner of 86th Street and Columbus, it has now become the centre of operations for Corporate Engineering. The office is reflective of New York; scooters zip around the office, a water tower houses extra seating space, a dessert truck gives employees a sugar hit and subway platforms, murals of the New York skylines and manhole covers ensure it remains true to its New York home. Most definitely one of the coolest offices in the world.

Google’s Tel Aviv site also deserves its place on the list, with the headquarters taking inspiration in the form of family, optimism and heritage. Think beautiful plants spanning the ceiling and walls, brick floors and rustic cabinets and mirrors providing a homely feel.  Google have turned office furniture and design into a art form.

BBC Media City UK
Based in Salford in the UK, this office is certainly ‘cool’, complete with thought wheels, a meeting space designed to inspire staff. Segway scooters can be seen roaming the halls, with security guards akimbo. Housing 2,700 staff and the home of BBC Children’s, this colourful hub deserves its place on the list of the world’s coolest offices. With some of the coolest office furniture around you can see why the BBC makes this list.

The Mojang offices in Stockholm, the company who makes Minecraft, give off an air of a British gentleman, steering clear of modern influences. Beige colours, brown leather chairs and a autumnal globe provide an unusually old-fashioned space in today’s day and age. A dedicated room houses sofas, with foot rests and screens displaying Minecraft. Most certainly a ‘cool’ and unique office space. Who would of thought that office furniture would be so cool!

This marketing and consulting firm know how it’s done! Based in Paris’ stylish Champs-Elysées, the space consists of freestanding wooden structures, providing a stunning workspace. This contrasts with the beautifully glamorous surroundings; chandeliers, intricate artwork on the ceilings and high ceilings. Not your average office by any means.

Chiswick Park
Based in London, this business site provides a rural escape in the centre of urban life. Housing companies such as QVC UK, who themselves offer sleek office space combined with a creative room for brainstorming, the site is a home away from home. A lake, with wildlife and a mini waterfall provides a beautiful backdrop for the surrounding offices, with deckchairs in the summertime and entertainment at lunchtimes from site managers, aptly named ‘Enjoy Work’.

We’ll never think ‘office’ means boring again!