How to Design the Perfect Office

August 13th, 2016

There is no specific template to follow when trying to design the perfect office as everyone has different expectations, needs and requirements. Some people want classy, some want eccentric and some want downright weird. How to design the perfect office really falls onto the individual, but here is a comprehensive guide to get you started designing.

First, are you designing an office in its own building or a home office? There are different things to consider with both types of offices. For example, a home office will need to be in a quiet area with no distractions while a regular office will be the entire area for work. The types of furniture and floor plan you will use will differ between office types, as well. With a home office, you will generally have less space to operate with than an entire office building.

There are a few questions you will need to ask yourself, as well, such as:

  • What kind of work will be done in your office space?
  • Will you have clients visiting your office?
  • Will you have colleagues visit to work with you on projects?
  • What type and how much materials will you need, and how often will you need them?
  • Will you be making video calls or video conferencing?

Ensure that you have the right equipment you will need, as well. Don’t go spending tons of money on equipment you don’t really need. For instance, if you will only use that fax and printer combination once a week, is it worth purchasing or going to a copy store?

Making sure you have the right technology is also important. Wireless connections for internet is important so that you can always have a signal in your office, you can stand stand and do whatever you need to to concentrate on work without losing connectivity or getting tangled in wires. Another important thing is a dedicated phone line to your office so that clients don’t always get a busy signal or bad reception with a cell phone (on your end).

Keep distractions out of your office! You think you will be able to ignore the TV on the wall, but it’s best to not tempt yourself. Halfway through the day, when your procrastination sets in, that TV will become your worst enemy. Don’t tempt yourself, and just remove potential distractions from your work environment to ensure that you have a quiet space to focus.