Modern Office Furniture And Layout Trends

May 16th, 2017

An office can never be complete without it’s office furniture essex. Not just any ordinary furniture, but it ought to be modern and stylish. Modern and stylish furniture will make your office lively, and ensure your clients feel they are in the right environment.

Creating a good impression on your customers is vital for any business to succeed. Currently, office users are embracing modern trends rapidly. Mainly due to the introduction of computers that replaced the bulk use of files, paperwork, and stationery.

Other than adding up style, the right office furniture will ensure productivity in your office. With the range of modern and affordable office chairs in the market today, including ergonomic chairs, you will not only be provided with comfort, but will enhance your productivity.

You too should try out modern layout trends to ensure that the office environment is pleasant and its occupants work efficiently. The office is where you spend most of your time during the week, therefore you should  take the initiative to make it a better place. Quality office furniture is key to making your office more productive.

Modern Office Furniture Essex And Layout Trends 

 Have you ever been to a stylish office that you didn’t want to leave? Agencies are adopting the use of excellent and beautiful designs. You too can transform your office into a palace just by choosing the right furniture. At Allard office furniture, we offer you some tips on making your office more appealing.

1. Use of collaboration workstations

This involves the use of one desk and several chairs. We highly recommend the use of ergonomic chairs, which provide so much comfort for the user. For instance; four or five users can share one desk. The sole purpose of this layout is to enable a certain number of people to share one desk. It works conveniently for an office with little floor space.

 2. Use of digital storage

Often, offices will steer away from physical storage facilities, and towards digital storage. All the files and folders on your desk could be saved in soft copy format on your computers. It will be so inconvenient for you to use up most of your office space to store files physically, and it will take so much time for you to search for the files too.

Digital storage will enable you to access files quickly on the computer, plus you will have more office space to keep your office furniture, such as chairs and desks. Due to the advancements in computing such as the internet, you can also use cloud technology to store your files online.

 3. Use of colour in offices

Days where offices were painted plain white have gone. Instead, now you should try out the use of bright colours on office walls. This makes the office lively and more appealing. Ultimately, you can opt for colours that match your logo. The blending of colours in your office is equally important. You should coordinate the colour of your walls and office furniture, but you should be careful so that you don’t colour clash. The colours should blend easily. Our team can provide you with a set of ergonomic chairs and office desks that can match the colour in your office. As a matter of fact, an attractive office appearance boosts your relationship with the client.

4. Use of open floor plans

The use of public offices are very convenient because they utilise office space. In fact they’re very efficient because you can monitor each and every person in the office. Plus, you enable easy sharing of office furniture.

Others are also embracing the use of glass in partitioning offices; this will still retain the open floor plan. This type of office arrangement is highly beneficial since privacy tends to increase laxity.

5. Adopting use of standing desks

Standing desks are mostly convenient for serving purposes that should be accessed by different users for a short while.

They aid in the utilisation of floor space, and some users find it more productive to work while standing.

6. Brand your furniture to create more awareness about your company

Every company or business entity aims to make itself known to the general public. Currently, some companies are branding their products through customised office furniture. That is, they write their logo or slogan on the office furniture, such as on the office desks or behind chairs.

This in return will help brand your company because when a client walks in, they will  identify who you are and what service you can offer them.

7. Create a workstation for Laptop users

The desks and ergonomic chairs are mainly for users of desktop computers. It will be more efficient if you provide your workers with an area to use their laptops comfortably.

Laptops are portable; therefore a beautiful and comfy couch or seat would do just the trick. It will benefit you by reducing congestion on office desks. Workers will no longer have to squeeze themselves around office desks.

8. Including fitness centres in offices

Irrespective of the love you have for your job, staying in the office for long hours is quite tiresome. It’s why we recommend you introduce a fitness center. It will greatly help in blowing off some steam. Plus your workers will be able to refresh themselves. It will guarantee that you will remain healthy and therefore more productivity.

9. Add natural elements to the office

It’s quite an upcoming trend in offices, where you will find plants and flowers on office desks or alongside other furniture. It helps in beautifying the office environment, plus it also gives the office a casual look. Workers will work more efficiently in a fresh and relaxed environment.

10. Eliminating wires and organising office desks

You should have office desks that provide passage of wires below them. You should organise your office so that it looks neat and presentable. You should also train your workers to arrange paperwork and personal items on the desks so that it appears neat as well as the wires.

These are just among the few trends which office users are embracing. Some have even taken an extra step by introducing a kitchen area to ensure the clients don’t work on an empty stomach.

We advise you try out a different layout for your office and office furniture. Not only will it help to attract your customers, but it will also ensure that  the workers are comfortable, which will result in giving them the motivation to come to work on a daily basis. You should also try out ergonomic chairs that are healthier and comfortable. A happy worker is more likely to be more productive.