A Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing the Right Office Storage

November 10th, 2016

Having a smooth-running office is an important aspect of a successful business, and finding the right office storage is an essential element of this. The right storage will not only keep your office looking clean and tidy; but it will also help your business to become more efficient, save you time, prevent the loss of work or documents and keep everything organised. Despite the importance of finding the right storage to meet your needs, people often find this task tricky as they are not sure of the different storage options available, or what they should consider before making a purchase.

This guide gives you an overview of the different types of office storage, as well as the things you should think about before deciding what to buy.

1. Wooden Storage

The benefits of choosing wooden storage in your office include the fact that wood is strong, durable, easy to maintain and good value. Choosing wooden storage is a good option if you want a homely and welcoming look in your office because metal can sometimes appear a little clinical and characterless. Typical items of wooden furniture you may choose include bookcases, combination storage and office cupboards.

2. Metal Storage

Metal storage is most commonly found in offices and is strong and particularly easy to clean. Opting for metal storage is a good idea if you want to create a modern and professional image in the office. Just some of the storage items you may choose in metal include lockers, filing cabinets and stationery cupboards.

3. Wooden and Metal Pedestals

Pedestals are sets of drawers made from either metal or wood, that are set on casters. The main advantage of pedestals as a form of storage is that you can move them from one place to another very easily. This is very convenient if you often rearrange the office when working on different tasks or projects. You can choose from metal or wood to coordinate with your other office storage and furniture. A variety of different sizes are available.

4. Automatic Storage

Automatic storage is sometimes called an automated storage and retrieval system. People opt for this type of storage if they have a high volume of stock to move in and out of storage, or if there are space constraints in the office. Storage density is also very important. This type of storage is popular in sectors such as manufacturing, wholesale, retail and distribution.

5. Digital Storage

Most modern businesses require some form of digital storage in addition to somewhere to store items. This is used for storing, recording and retrieving data, or processing information. In most instances, computers are the most common method of digital storage for offices. As a back-up, many businesses also use discs or USB drives. Cloud computing is another option that allows you to safely save and retrieve information.

Things to Consider

You shouldn’t just go out and start buying office furniture without putting thought into the matter first. Taking the time to consider the different options, as well as how the furniture can provide the best storage options for you, means you have a greater chance of making the right choice. The following are some of the factors you should take into consideration:

The space available – Before buying storage, you should measure the space available in your office to help you decide how much space you can allocate to storage. You should take into consideration where other office furniture, such as desks and chairs, are positioned. You should also remember that people need to move freely between all the fixtures and fittings in your office. Allowing space for opening drawers and doors is also something that you need to consider if your preferred storage options have these.

The amount of storage needed – Spend some time assessing exactly how much storage you need for your different types of materials. You will probably have more than one type of media which you need to store. For example, you may have books, stationery, discs, files or stock to store. Each of these will require different types of storage, and you will need enough of each type of storage furniture to accommodate your needs.

Budget – You should allocate a budget to storage before you begin to spend. Although you may want to limit the amount you spend, you should recognise that good storage will potentially save you both time and money in the future.

How the storage is used – The type of storage you buy will predominantly depend on what it is you need to store. For example, a filing cabinet is the best solution for files, whereas an office cabinet is a good solution for stationery supplies. There are some excellent pieces of multifunctional storage available that offer a storage solution for a variety of different items. If you have limited space and a range of different items to store, this type of office furniture is ideal.

Changing needs – It is worth taking into consideration that your storage needs may change in the future. Therefore, it makes sense to think about your long-term plans. For example, if you decide to expand the business, you may need additional storage. It would make sense to buy excess storage in advance so that you do not have to buy additional storage in the future. If you do not buy this now, you might find it difficult to find matching storage later.

Design – If you have customers or clients visiting your office, then the design of the storage furniture may also be important to you as you might want to create a certain image to people. You may prefer to choose office furniture that reflects your brand or image. It is possible to buy furniture that is practical in a wide range of designs so you can choose items that are to your personal taste.

By taking each of these considerations into account when choosing storage furniture for your office, you will simplify the process and get exactly the right items to meet your needs. Take your time to look at the different options and make sure it is exactly what you want. This way you will receive the greatest benefit from these items.