How offices are being more creative with furniture placements

July 30th, 2016
The office can’t replace the home but every year we see new furniture designs that are making the workplace less formal and more enjoyable. The variety of different options that are now presented to someone looking to invest in office furniture include living room type sofas, lounge chairs all the way to fun quirky bits of furniture seen in offices in places such as Google HQ.
The change around in how we expect our offices to look is in the most part due to bosses wishing to create environments that help inspire creativity and collaboration. One of the main reasons behind this is that having a fun place to work can help retain talented employees.
“Businesses are starting to realise that if they don’t make the workspace a great space to work in they are going to lose valued members of staff” said Jacqueline Barr, who is the design principle at a leading architecture and interior design company.
A lot majority of the inspiration for work spaces have come from coffee houses and the shared spaces that a lot of budding entrepreneurs share when they began their companies. It really does seem like the new style of office furniture is to do away with cubicles that inspired everybody to be the same and conform to a set routine and replace them with these modern, coffee house inspired work stations.
A work place that is designed with the well-being of staff in mind is a return to the early concepts first suggested in the 1950’s by designer George Nelson.  It seems George Nelson was truly ahead of his time and it’s only now 65 years later that his vision is starting to come to fruition, with a lot of fortune 500 companies now looking to turn the office into a place that staff want to come to every day!
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If you want to become part of this trend and start to value individuality and creativity that little bit more, it doesn’t have to cost the earth as you can look at second hand office furniture as a way to “get with the times” and also keep the costs down.Allard Office Furniture have a wide range of second hand office furniture that can help you achieve your aim of making your workspace a place that encourages creativity and thinking outside of the proverbial box.
If you are interested in discussing how we can help you with your second hand office furniture needs then do not hesitate to call us in the office for some friendly advice as well as some costs.