SWITCH Electric Height Adjustable Desk

£241.00£361.00 + VAT

SWITCH Electric Height Adjustable Desk

£241.00£361.00 + VAT

VOLT Electric Height Adjustable Desk

  • Elevate comfort and productivity with versatile sitting and standing options.
  • Prioritize health and posture by minimizing prolonged sitting.
  • Energize your workday with easy shifts between sitting and standing.
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SWITCH Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Value-engineered to  be one of the most inexpensive height adjustable desks in the UK whilst still maintaining the kind of quality you would expect from Hawk. Anti-collision, a digital controller and memory pre-sets ensure this frame ticks all the boxes at a very affordable price

Motor Type

2 Stage Single Motor


1050, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800mm


800mm, 600mm

Top Style

Cable Ports

Sliding Tops


Under Desk Cable Tray


Weight Capacity





Minimum Height


Maximum Height


Preset Memory Positions


Anti Collision


Overload Protection

Adjustable Feet


Power Supply


3 years on all parts

Wire Snake, Cable Tray, Modesty Panel

Frame Colours

White, Silver, Black

Top Finishes

Beech | Light Oak | Modern Oak | Walnut | Classic Ash | Maple | Swiss Elm | White | Plain Grey | Cherry | Silver | Concrete | Black | Anthracite | Halifax Oak

Benefits of a Sit Stand Desk

  • Improved posture: Alternating between sitting and standing can help reduce the strain on your back and neck, promoting better posture throughout the day.
  • Increased energy and productivity: Standing periodically can boost circulation and help combat fatigue, leading to higher levels of energy and productivity.
  • Reduced risk of health issues: Prolonged sitting has been associated with various health concerns such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Using a sit-stand desk can help mitigate these risks by encouraging movement.

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