Do you have a London based office which you are looking to furnish with second hand office furniture? Well you have certainly found the right place! Here at Allard we have a huge selection of secondhand and used office furniture consisting of office desks, office chairs and storage solutions, including filing cabinets and pedestal units.

Our second hand furniture range not only consists of high end, fully refurbished office furniture, but we also purchase used office furniture from leading suppliers of Orangebox, Boss, Humanscale, Bisley, Silverline and many more. Our great range is designed to suit all budgets, tastes and requirements and can be delivered direct to your London based office from our warehouse in Essex.

Extraordinary discounts on our second hand office furniture London range off the original RRP!

It is significantly cheaper to buy second hand office furniture than buying new, which is ideal for startup businesses as well as those who are relocating their office, refurbishing their current office furniture or who are welcoming new employees to their team and supplying them with a desk, chair and any other necessary furniture. The furniture featured on this page is in almost new condition, with fantastic discounts of between 10% and 50% off the original recommended retail price. These savings will allow you to not only save money, but will also give you the opportunity to buy the furniture you require within your budget whilst benefitting from the best value for money. Your experienced savings will give you the option to customise the furniture to your tastes or requirements. It’s up to you if you’d like to change the arms or the fabric used on your office chairs, adjust the height or even extend a used office desk to ultimately make the furniture feel like your own.

You are making a significant contribution to improving the environment by buying second hand office furniture for your London office. Otherwise, this furniture would have ended its life in the landfill where it would take years upon years to decompose. Implementing used office furniture solutions into your London office decreases not only your own, but your business’s carbon footprint, helping keep our planet healthy for longer. If you have other office locations within or outside London, buying and implementing a second hand office furniture solution there will only decrease your business’s carbon footprint even further.

When you order your second hand office furniture for your office in London, what you see online or if you choose to visit us in person at our Layer Marney warehouse in Essex, is exactly what will be delivered to your premises. If you order from a larger store or directly from an office furniture manufacturer, you would be expected to wait much longer for items to be stocked or manufactured. Ordering directly from us allows you to have a much faster turnaround time, either when furnishing your office or adding a new employee to your team. If you choose to visit us, you are able to buy and take away your furniture the same day. Through our delivery service, we aim to deliver and install your second hand office furniture within the same week of purchase with most orders delivered within 3 working days.

Buying second hand office furniture from us for your London office doesn’t limit your choices of furniture to choose from. Our range of used furniture is extensive with plenty of different choices based on your budget.

Our office furniture buyers seek to find the very best in used office furniture to make it available to all of our customers online, as well as in our Layer Marney warehouse. To make sure it is up to the highest possible standard, we make sure it passes our comprehensive checklist in order to place it on sale both on our website and within our stock room.

All second hand office furniture needs to be in complete working order. Used office desks are checked for stability, as well as no missing fittings such as end caps or screw feet. Storage options, which includes filing cabinets and pedestal units, are checked to ensure drawers are running smoothly and filing bar are complete. Office chairs are checked for any tips, tears, fabric wearing away and to ensure that the body of the chair, including mechanism whether it be gas lifted or otherwise, is in good condition. Accessories, which complement any piece of furniture, for example keys to lock tambour cupboards and filing cabinets, are also checked for security purposes and to ensure that they have at least 1 set of keys available.

Newly arrived second hand office furniture is then cleaned using the most relevant, mild cleaning solution to remove heavy marks and stains. Office chairs on the other hand, are cleaned differently using a professional cleaning machine and anti-bacterial fabric cleaner.

Sometimes, office furniture which arrives into our warehouse is beyond cleaning but still holds significant value. When this happens, we will fully refurbish them to the high quality standard we’re known for. Whether this be new fabric, bench tops, fixings etc. As we deal with many well known office furniture manufacturers first hand; Silverline, Orangebox, Boss to name a few, we never face a problem when ordering spare parts for a specific desk, chair or storage solution. We refurbish all of our second hand used office furniture in house when required to ensure that less furniture is ending up in the landfill whilst cutting costs for you as we don’t need to outsource this to another company.

When it comes to buying second hand office furniture, try to buy in bulk because in the future the same styes may not be available, so keeping your office furniture theme consist could be more difficult as your business expands.