Why buy Second Hand Used Office Furniture?

July 26th, 2016

When starting a company, or even revamping an existing company office, costs can mount unexpectedly. Office furniture is an essential part of getting an office up and running, enabling staff to work from a dedicated space and creating a professional feel. The cost of providing desks, drawers and chairs may not initially appear expensive but for quality office furniture, you can end up spending a pretty penny. But you can think smart and achieve a similar outcome by buying second hand used office furniture.

This needn’t mean ending up with poor quality and broken furniture. In fact, buying second hand used office furniture can enable you to get higher quality furniture that you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise afford.

You can do this by using dedicated second hand furniture sites or even scouring auction sites such as eBay or Gumtree for companies who may be looking to revamp their own office and subsequently get rid of their old office furniture. This is a useful way to obtain desks, chairs and drawers as it’s a win-win situation. You are making use of second hand office furniture and giving it a new lease of life and the company are making some money from goods that may otherwise be thrown away.

Aside from saving money and acquiring furniture you may otherwise not be able to afford, there are other benefits to buying second hand furniture. It will provide an interim starting block until you decide on the vibe you wish your office to take. You can then seek to purchase new furniture once your company has grown and in a more static state. This is particularly true for start up businesses who are not entirely sure of the expected growth of their company but also applies to companies who may be going through growth or cuts.

Brand essence

By buying second hand furniture, you also have the option of adding your own stamp to it through restoration. You wouldn’t necessarily buy new to then paint your furniture yet if you buy second hand, you are free to restyle to your own taste. The cost of purchasing used good and restoring them is still less than purchasing new. It does’t even matter if the goods you buy are not exactly the same as you can add a thread of continuity through the restoration work, whether this is through using the same paint colour, upholstery or the effects you choose to add. Whilst function is key when selecting office furniture, by buying second hand and renovating, you can add your brand essence to your office.


If you’re buying new, there may be a wait associated to when the furniture can be delivered. When purchasing second-hand furniture, the waiting time may be reduced as the company has the future ready for immediate shipment.


Whilst recycling helps our environment, re-use is the best means of saving our planet. By buying second hand, waste in any form is reduced, saving energy and money.

Buying second hand used office furniture is a solid option when furnishing an office, saving you money, allowing you to utilise high quality products and enabling you to furnish your office quickly.